The Humbled Never Take; Only Give!

The Humbled Never Take; Only Give!



     I am here, or is it there, already,

fifty-six years and long after his death,

I suddenly know Tupac more than I understood,

     I was always there, or is it, here, all along anyway,

         all along and no route out of it,

               or file in cake of freedoms dream.


     Time is a constant but,

          never the integrity of truth –

               and truth be known,

                    some days I do not have the strength to peer over the wall upon a false horizon,

                         some days, I just wish I was ghosting the wings of Tupac Shakur,

                              where wings are once again, restored and, fly.


Michael J Waite 25th April 2023.

            (You’re still alive and more than ever before).



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