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The World’s Leading Expert That’s an especially severe seriousness you’ve got on display. No comment, but he, nor anybody else, says this. Instead his butt settles deep within the brokenness of that upon which he sits and he closes his eyes and, imagining a s…source

Q&A with Adam G. Fleming

Please welcome Adam G. Fleming to our Featured Author Q&A series at Writer’s Fun Zone. Enjoy! *** If you’d like to be considered for an interview, check out our guidelines here. *** About Adam G. Fleming Adam G. Fleming is an eclectic author with 13 books to his name since he began publishing in 2012. His…

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Pause for Effect

 the hungry suspect toils in his obvious disease. more sick than overcome. a protracted caution to the end of the world. softly counting the future’s remaining debt.  something discarded that is never truly lost.  unlikely protagonists in the foul histories o…source