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Praying to the Aliens

It shot through me, pain like something scraping deep inside, ripping. My mother said it would be like this. Said when she pushed me from her body she’d begged God for forgiveness. Yet when seeing my fat, dimpled face, her frantic prayers hushed, all that mund..source

How To Title a Poem

By Philip Kinsher – “Fog,” “Song of Myself,” “On the Pulse of Morning,” “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.” Poetry titles can be single words or evocative phrases, literal or fanciful, beautiful and intriguing — and a poem’s title can be just as powerful as the poem itself. And before you think about publishing…

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For you I will

Give me one person that hurt you And I will write to you a sonnet Tell me one person who has loved you unconditionally And I will write you a novel I will pitch to your face and brain Because I have been offered something I can’t buy I am sometimes clumsy with my words…

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This Morning

You like cinnamon in your coffee, sometimes I forget to add it to the piles of fresh grounds in the coffee maker, but this morning  my mind was clear and the sweet smell of cinnamon filled my senses as I puttered in the early light of the quiet kitchen. Cinnamon in coffee is like icing…

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Before Sky

How often I wish I could tell you about this exquisite bird in such a manner that you might know her, too. She was here before me, before the shattering. Bird is an inadequate word in this context, but I use it because it approximates a reference to a creature with a beak and feathers. She was…

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Who Is Paul’s ”True Companion”?

When we read the Bible, it’s logical that questions will surface over what we’ve read. At least, for me, it is because I often have questions. This is one reason why I pray before reading the Bible. Indeed, I ask the Lord to please give me a word and that his Holy Spirit would reveal…

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In jealousy a person turns blind to light, Ignoring blessings in their reach and sight, Their eyes fixed on what others possess, Their hearts consumed by envy, a distress.   The jealous mind descends into the dark, Losing balance, reason, torn apart, Unable to fathom why others gain, What they desire, causing inner pain.  …

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Too Stupid be Stupid – by – Bob Atkinson

Too Stupid be Stupid ©2024 Bob Atkinson “it requires no art to become stupid; the whole art lies in extracting wisdom from stupidity. Stupidity is the mother of the wise, but cleverness never.” Stupidity  heard this phrase today woke me up from my daze yes, h…source