About Zack

My Why?

To serve by living inspired and inspiring those around me to realize the best versions of themselves.

My Commitments

I am committed…

  • to results, that matter,  touch, and move me and those around me.
  • to living life deliberately with enthusiasm and gratitude
  • to be kind, generous, and loyal.
  • to develop impact-driven systems, with objectives and key results that fulfill my commitments

My Passions

I am passionate…

  • about the well-being of my family, friends, and neighbors. 
  • about technology that strengthens our bonds, scales productivity and decentralizes control.
  • about prop-tech that makes real estate more accessible, more transparent, and more convenient for the consumer to make the best decision.
  • about delivering a delightful experience to all that I interact with.


My subject matter expertise

Zack Alawi Sales Leader with Proven Results


My Attitude

My attitude generally is of a helpful nature and I approach problem-solving by reasoning from first principles.  The idea is to break down complicated problems into essential elements and then reassemble them objectively and with the audience and beneficiary in mind. 

Many consider me to be highly motivated and ambitious.  I take the initiative independently and work productively within a team. I am determined to exceed my own expectations and consistently advocate for the disadvantaged.  I chose to become an American citizen and to serve in the US Army as Combat Medic.

I strive to provide relevant, impactful solutions to life’s problems drawing from my personal life experience. Having founded multiple businesses, I know firsthand what it takes to succeed. I’m passionate about the delightful customer experience.

My LIfe Lessons

Be Kind

Be Kind

To be kind is the common element in every faith, religion, and spirituality. In the "nice vs kind" debate, even though I'm East cost, I am kind and compassionate.

Be Aware & Grateful

Be Aware & Grateful

Awareness and gratitude is a pro feature that requires one to level up. Spending more time in the present rather than in my head, in my way paralyzed by analysis. I meditate and seek answers within to always live a life of mindfulness and gratitude. I was born curious and am constantly seeking the never-ending journey to self-actualization and self-expression.

Be Charitable & Generous

Be Charitable & Generous

The secret to wealth. Deep down we all know this. What you give you receive. You get to keep what you give. This is my focus, to be of service and give. "You don't have to be rich to be generous. You have to be generous to be generous."

Commitements that matter

Commitements that matter

I am virile, vigorous, and verdant. I live life deliberately with humility and with commitments that matter, that touch and move me and those around me.

Always be smiling

Always be smiling

Every moment is a chance to turn it around. It's Free to smile. If I'm not smiling, don't be silent. Remind me if I'm not smiling and displaying ingratitude for this beautiful life, please.:) Amori Fati, Momento Mori!

Fun Facts

Proud Father of Lovely, Kind daughter

Launched TAP Coin, Ethereum Blockchain

Sold over 4,000 Properties in Phoenix

Visited 24 countries

Published my 1st Website in 1996

Magnus Opus

As an industrious entrepreneur, I am constantly identifying and seeking solutions to industry challenges in real estate, sales, marketing, and blockchain. My ongoing initiatives reflect my unwavering dedication and hard work and represent a culmination of my most significant efforts.

One of my favorite ongoing projects revolves around philanthropy. Through the use of Web 3.0 and the Ethereum blockchain, CharityBloom.com, and Kyndlink.com have brought together 501C3 charities, donors, fundraisers, and volunteers on a single platform. To ensure the proper allocation of donations and grants, I am working on creating a simple rating system that links donors with charities that make a significant impact in areas that align with their values. By utilizing Smart Contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, the platform enables the swift and transparent distribution of donated funds, ensuring accountability and transparency.

charitybloom dotcom

Thoughts and Prayers Coin

TAP coin

kyndlink dotcom

As someone who has a passion for residential real estate, I firmly believe that the industry plays a fundamental role in American life. Owning a home is a goal for many individuals and families, and it represents the epitome of the American Dream. It provides a sense of stability, security, and independence that is difficult to replicate elsewhere.

Residential real estate is more than just buying and selling properties; it’s about helping people find a place to call home. As a residential real estate expert, I work with buyers to help them find the perfect home that meets their unique needs and desires. I also work with sellers to help them navigate the often complex process of selling their homes and moving on to the next phase of their life.

I’m developing solutions to increase the inventory of available properties by streamlining the process for distressed properties to enter the market, undergo rehab, and become a home for new families. To facilitate the process of repurposing distressed properties, I’ve developed Rescue dot Properties and Alt-Listings dot com, which offer a transparent marketplace for sellers, wholesalers, and investors to transact.

rescue. properties

alt-listings dotcom

realpros dot eye oh

myrealpro dotcom

My entrepreneurial journey

Upon graduating high school, I wasted no time in pursuing my entrepreneurial ambitions. I initiated various business ideas to achieve profitability, some of which are highlighted below.

During my teenage years, I worked as a lifeguard in the summer months. However, when I enrolled in Roanoke College, I decided to establish New Wave Pools – a staffing firm that catered to the needs of hotels and apartments by supplying certified lifeguards. Within a couple of years, I sold New Wave to Sierra Pools.

In September of 1995, I launched Notebook Computers Inc. The company experienced rapid growth, generating over $3 million in sales within the first year, with a focus on retail, Federal Government (GSA), and Non-Profits. The venture gained interest from investors, and I secured seed funding to expand operations to Reno, Nevada. Unfortunately, the dotcom bubble burst and the tragic events of September 11th caused a drastic decline in sales.

I subsequently founded Franchise Development Center, which offered support to successful businesses looking to develop a franchise model. In this capacity, I provided guidance on the creation of operating manuals, marketing plans, and sales processes for multiple business concepts.

In 2011, I founded Real Pros Arizona and The Real Estate Lounge to offer brokerage services to custom home builders, experienced agents, and to serve as the neighborhood brokerage for historic Phoenix neighborhoods. I shut down my brokerage to fully dedicate myself to my role as the Market Sales Manager at Zillow Offers. 

New Wave Pools

Notebook Computers Inc

Franchise Development Center

The Real Estate Lounge

Real Pros Realty

Proud to have worked for

Here are the organizations that I am proud to have served:

I quickly rose through the ranks in the Manager In Training Program at Domino’s Pizza Team Washington to manage the flagship, high-volume franchise store. I learned how to manage costs and operate with peak efficiency because my compensation depended on the profitability of my store.

Papa John’s recruited me to open 12 locations between Baltimore and Annapolis as Regional Supervisor during their expansion into the Mid-Atlantic region. I worked closely with commercial real estate pros to determine and select the optimal locations for a new Papa John’s.

I assisted the Public Relations team at MCI in promoting their philanthropic initiatives. I helped publicize the “Library Link” program, which connected public libraries to the internet.

At AOL, I worked closely with C-level executives to develop and manage terms of service policy for members.

I’m very fortunate to have had the terrific training and valuable lessons learned from these businesses, especially the customer service training I received from the Ritz Carlton.


Einstein said, “If you have one hour to solve a problem, spend 55 minutes on studying the problem and 5 minutes solving it.”





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