la petit mort

let me kiss you 

below the depths 

touched by simmering rays

crashing like waves onto your bronzing skin

on a sunny day 

may ravenous fangs 

sink into the nape of your neck 

holding back the pining force 

of seven hundred clamping bear-traps 

starving to death for your tomb of life 

     la petit mort // la petit mort 

an afterlife womb 

  where heaven & hell mix

         craving more & more  

gliding fingers ski southward 

tracing outlines along silky snow

    i connect freckles 


sketching a finger-painted masterpiece 

along the canvas of your burning flesh



hips thrust up as lips meet lips 

now dissolve on my tongue


shifting gears & counting speed 

melting me as she breathes 

earthquakes shake over quivering bodies 

turning calm seas into wild stormy high tides

blood rushes into flushed cheeks 

she floods my shore 

like a tsunami at the break of dawn 

on all fours begging for more

black on white strikes gold 

while grey melts in between 

tap-tap the beat of a snare drum 

hitting the high hats where the dots of i

meet the passing crossroads of u̶s̶ 

sweet & sour sweat drips

splashing from sheets onto the floor

steam sways & burns  

as the scent of burning wood 

fills the empty spaces of our room 

an unspoken language with signs of smoke 

as flames burn through the old 

& come again glimmering new


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