Self-Publishing Advice And Hacks: Ask Self-Publishing Relief

Self-Publishing Advice And Hacks: Ask Self-Publishing Relief

If you’ve decided to self-publish your book, you’ve made the first of many decisions in the process! Fortunately, from what you need to know before you self-publish to making sure your finished book looks like it was designed by a pro, the experts at Self-Publishing Relief have the advice and hacks you need! So take a deep breath and relax—all you have to do now is decide which article you want to read first on your path to self-publishing enlightenment.


The Best Self-Publishing Advice And Hacks

What You Must Know Before Self-Publishing: Before diving headfirst into self-publishing, check out this list of four things you need to know before you get started! Knowing what to expect will help you avoid getting in over your head.

Self-Publishing A Book: How Long Does It Take?: It’s the first question many authors ask when planning to self-publish, but many factors can affect the amount of time it takes to successfully complete your project. Here’s the best way to determine how long it will take to self-publish your book.

Do This So Your Self-Published Book Doesn’t Look Self-Published: Making sure a self-published book doesn’t look self-published falls squarely on the author’s shoulders. This advice will help ensure your self-published book can match a traditionally published book on any bookshelf.

Busting Stereotypes In Book Cover Design: Readers of certain genres expect book covers to have a specific look. However, using too many cover clichés won’t help your self-published book stand out. Here’s how to make sure your book doesn’t get lost in a sea of similar covers on the virtual (or bookstore) shelf.


Self-Publishing Advice You’ll Hate—But It Works: When you self-publish, you don’t have to confer with anyone or listen to the suggestions of others—you make all the decisions! But here’s some advice you might hate: You shouldn’t go it alone. Instead, take this advice from the experts.

How To Choose The Best Keywords For Your Book: The right keywords will get your self-published book in front of the reading audience most likely to buy. Choosing keywords can be tricky, so follow these tips and hacks from our tech experts!

Smart Self-Publishing Lessons From Streaming Services: You can learn some great self-publishing tips by looking at streaming services! It may seem odd, but these platforms offer great advice, including whether you should offer promotional deals and how to choose the best time to market your book!

If the thought of navigating the self-publishing process alone makes it hard for you to maintain your Zen mindset, the experts at Self-Publishing Relief are ready to help! Schedule your free consultation today!


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