Habit Forming

You cannot change the way a person thinks, feels, or does

If it’s been the same throughout their lives

Without any disruptions or interruptions

From those in their surroundings


It’s impossible to inspire change in those

Who feel entitled, empowered, or those who are enthralled in their ego

Or the ones that don’t feel enlightened 

By the magnitude of an end result


You cannot change a person’s choices and decisions

If there’s never been a shift in their perception

Or if there’s never been a reason 

For them to experience life altering avenues


The only realization that hits these individuals is 

The fact that our lives have been uncomfortably altered 

By their lack of will to better themselves, and though they’re too late

They finally notice a change in the air they’re breathing


…Because of the effect their boldness had on the quality of life’s natural filtration system


You cannot make things vanish

If they’re a regular visitor in your everyday life

Forcing you to accept the habit they made you form

Thus earning themselves the term “Force of habit”


But when do those “force of habits”

Become abuse of power?

Following suite because they’re used to it

Or doing so because their need to take charge


You can flip the switch on and off at your leisure

But that doesn’t mean that there will always be light

Emitting from the bulb or even enough energy 

From the circuitry


…Sometimes, lights go dim or they die out but they once did serve a purpose…


It’s wishful thinking on our part to hold on to that seed of hope

Simply because we feel we can wave a magic wand 

And have people be the dream version 

Of our make-believe reality


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