Gone With the Wind Book Covers

Gone With the Wind has long been one of America’s favorite novels. One factor contributing to its enduring appeal has been the covers that have graced its pages since its inception. Its well-thought book covers have served as visual gateways into its rich narrative, influencing reader perceptions about what lies within its pages. These varying styles, designs, and artistic interpretations offer insight into Gone With the Wind’s story while reflecting cultural trends of different eras. Hence, it’s no surprise that the novel continuously gains new fans as decades pass!

Gone With the Wind Book Covers

Gone With The Wind Book Covers Collection

Since Gone With The Wind’s inception in 1936, its story has inspired numerous stunning covers that depict its narrative. These range from illustrations designed to capture its romance and suspense to photographs depicting scenes from its film adaptation; later editions even used modern motifs that add a contemporary edge while remaining faithful to the classic work’s feel. Despite these changes, one thing’s for sure. All these book covers reflect the novel’s timelessness while showing its lasting effect in literature today.

Let your eyes flow with our list of Gone With the Wind book covers! No matter which version catches your interest, rest assured that whatever the case, you are getting a classic work written by one of the greatest storytellers of our time—Margaret Mitchell herself!

Gone With the Wind First Edition

Gone with the Wind’s first edition (second-issue) book cover is a breathtaking work of art that captures Margaret Mitchell’s timeless saga perfectly. Published in 1936 by The Macmillan Company, this hardcover edition is made of gray cloth featuring teal or blue ink lettering and designs decoratively stamped onto its front board and spine. The dust jacket is what makes this edition even more special. It features a soft orange background that transitions gradually into white stripes. Additionally, it displays the book’s title in bold serif font letters—with fancy strokes at each letter’s endings. The author’s name is on a light green ribbon at the bottom, using the same font style and color as the title, creating consistency with all text. Lastly, the illustration featuring Scarlett O’Hara in her elegant gown and two other men elevate the beauty of this dust jacket.

Gone With the Wind 1964

This 1964 cover design from The Macmillan Company pays homage to iconic scenes and characters that have become embedded in readers’ memories worldwide. Attention to detail is remarkable in this graphic novel, from its intricate brushstrokes that bring characters to life to its meticulous rendering of what transpires as the plot progresses. Additionally, the striking typography featuring the book’s title in blue and black for the author’s name in a dramatic font further emphasizes the epic nature of this novel. Put together, it’s a cover design exuding elegance, romance, and drama—making this literary classic come to life!

Gone With the Wind Book Club

Macmillan Publishing Company’s book club edition of Gone with the Wind effortlessly exudes the timeless romance and beauty of the novel on its book cover. The cover design boasts a stunning image of a couple, Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler, looking upon a luxurious house from a distance. Additionally, mesmerizing soft blue, purple, and pink hues make up the sky as an incredible backdrop. Gold foil lettering written in an elegant font makes up the text on this cover, adding an air of sophistication. A purple stripe also graces its left side, adorning the solid green background. With such a stunning and polished design, this edition becomes an attractive and desirable addition to any book collection.

Gone With the Wind 1973-4

The classic Gone with the Wind book cover released by Avon Books in 1973-4 features a romantic yet dramatic image of the film’s primary characters. It’s one of the book editions that feature the movie poster on its front cover! Scarlet O’Hara, played by Vivien Leigh in the iconic movie, was the center of attention, together with Rhett Butler, played by Clark Gable. Scarlett wore a striking red dress with a saucy look in her eye as Rhett held her and stared back. Apart from the vibrant red background, the front cover also features flames and chaos with soldiers at the bottom of the page, hinting that this story isn’t just romance but also drama. The title in bold typography, and the author’s name stands prominently on top of the book cover to immediately draw potential readers’ interest in this epic novel. These elements create a beautiful but hauntingly sad representation of a timeless classic.

Gone With the Wind 1986

To commemorate this beloved novel’s 50th anniversary, Scribner Book Company released the 50th Anniversary Facsimile Edition of Gone With the Wind in 1986. The cover features the two main characters over an off-white or creamy-white background. Scarlett O’Hara wears a pink gown and hat while Rhett Butler stares at her. On top of the cover lies the book’s title and author’s name adorned with an elegant font. This gorgeous cover screams simplicity and sophistication, matching the art style of the period when it was released.

Gone With the Wind 1991

The simplicity of this Gone with the Wind book cover makes it an absolute masterwork. It’s a well-thought book cover released by Pan Macmillan in 1991 for their hardcover edition of Gone With the Wind.

The combination of the colors adds beauty, starting with the yellow and white font of the title and the author’s name. These colors, paired with the fancy font, create a striking contrast against the hues of red and orange on the background. In addition, the red grass at the bottom matches the dusk color of the book cover. Meanwhile, in the lower section is a couple showing a man holding a lady in a long dress on her waist, revealing the budding romance between the main characters. Overall, the cover illustrates the novel’s romance even with minimal elements used.

Gone With the Wind 1991 Mass Market Paperback

Here’s another beautiful cover perfectly encapsulates this beloved work of literature and the enduring saga of its star-crossed lovers! The woman in the foreground, clad in a long red dress, is in the arms of the man who stares at her passionately. The yellow-orange hues are a lovely contrast to the novel’s setting of war and devastation, placed across the whole page like a painting on a canvas with the couple as the main image. As for the title and author’s name, both texts used the same serif font, which elegantly fits the cover.

The bottom line? This cover is a beautiful illustration of the unmistakable romantic story, showing the couple as the center of the romance and drama that define this timeless classic.

Gone With the Wind 1999

The cover of the Mass Market Paperback, published by Warner Books in 1999, features a vibrant background with an oval illustration of the couple, Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler. The book’s title is written in a gold serif font on the top, taking up most of the space on this cover. Below the title lies the author’s name written in a thin white serif font. Considering the placement of each element, it’s clear that this book cover focuses on the title, especially since it’s one of America’s most beloved epic novels.

gone with the wind book covers paperback edition

The 75th Anniversary Edition published by Scribner for Gone With the Wind features a stunning navy blue book cover with golden embossing. The title’s font is classic, and a subtle script font on a banner at the top proudly declares “75th Anniversary Edition.” This edition is reminiscent of the first edition released for the book, only with the changes in the colors and some additional elements, such as the vines that adorn the title. The simple beauty of this cover is befitting of a classic novel like Gone With the Wind, honoring the splendor of its story, which graced libraries for 75 years.

Gone With the Wind 2007

Saying this book’s a visual masterpiece would be an understatement. Published by Scribner in 2007, this paperback edition’s book cover brings nostalgia even at its smallest detail. Seen in this book cover is a rich, brown hue that gradually becomes blue as it reaches the upper section. On top is the title in golden text, invoking memories of the golden sun. What makes this cover even more remarkable is the pastoral scene and Scarlett O’Hara’s image as she walks away in her elegant gown. This striking visual emphasizes Scarlett’s strength and feminity and what Southern life looked like ages ago. It’s a bold and romantic illustration, coupled with the light red and golden shades, capturing the essence of the timeless story. Elegant and eye-catching, the cover evokes a sense of the spirit of Mitchell’s classic novel.

Gone With the Wind Kindle

Scribner released another reissue in 2007, featuring a cover design different from most of the covers they’ve released for Gone With the Wind. It features a navy blue background with golden decorative vines on the top and right section. On the other half lies a red figure of a lady wearing a floral dress, reminiscent of the era when Gone With the Wind took place. The author’s name and book’s title in white and bold font stands out against the bright red and dark blue background, rightfully highlighting the vital aspect of this book cover. Overall, this reissue is modern and sleek compared to the previous book covers, yet still maintaining the classic feel this novel deserves.

Gone With the Wind 2008

One glance at the Gone With the Wind book cover published by Pocket Books immediately hints at the romantic theme in this timeless masterpiece. The book cover has a yellow-orange background, a couple on the middle ground, and a combination of white and yellow text in the foreground. The couple both wear clothing reminiscent of their time, such as the elegant long-sleeved dress and the grand suit and tie. They almost kiss each other as the man holds the lady. Such a gesture shows tenderness and admiration, bringing to life the romantic ambiance of the novel. As for the typography, the varied font style stands out against the artwork, especially with the elegant serif font used for the title. This mass-market paperback reissue of Gone with the Wind is an iconic cover design gracing this precious classic novel.

Gone With the Wind 2014

This eye-catching cover creates the perfect introduction to a mesmerizing tale! It’s the paperback edition released by Pan Macmillan in 2014, featuring an image of a refined young woman over a beautifully soft-hued brown-and-cream background. The woman’s curly and styled hair, arched brows, and stunning red dress elevates her beauty and makes her appear elegant and classy. The position used for the title, placed on the left side of the book cover, is a clever choice as it gives readers a clear view of the woman’s face. Though the book cover is simple, it highlights the young woman, the protagonist Scarlett O’Hara, leaving potential readers wanting to know more about her.

Gone With the Wind 2015

The Gone With the Wind Kindle Edition, published by Chios Classics, brings an air of nostalgia to its readers. It features a gorgeous illustration with a soft, warm tone, depicting a scene from when the novel took place. How the art is artistically displayed shows the image of people in their day-to-day activities; talking, playing music, and enjoying each other’s company. The book’s title and author’s name occupy the lower section, all in white, to make it stand out against the solid-colored background.

It’s a classic and timeless cover that beckons readers to an era in the past, helping them better visualize the scenes in the novel.

gone with the wind book covers paperback edition

Vintage Classics’ 2020 edition of Gone With the Wind focuses on the title with bold black lettering that stands out against its red-orange backdrop. Behind it sits a stem filled with white flowers to entice readers into deciphering the significance of the plot. There’s also an eye-catching vintage-style vignette texture on this cover, complementing the vivid images of flowers and the text of the title. All elements work well together, making this stunning cover appealing, especially among fans of vintage novels!

An Insight About Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With the Wind

Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With the Wind has unquestionably left its mark on history since its publication in 1936. Since selling over 30 million copies worldwide, Gone With the Wind ranks as one of the best-selling novels ever, cementing Mitchell’s epic American novel into the literary hall of fame.

Gone With the Wind provides readers insight into American society during its turbulent Civil War era through the beautiful and headstrong Scarlett O’Hara’s perspective and story arc. The novel offers readers unique glimpses into social dynamics as Scarlett navigates hardships and unwavering determination in her life journey. This classic tale ultimately celebrates resilience, strength, and unyielding determination despite Scarlett’s challenges.

Gone With the Wind was a literary triumph when first released as a book. Over time, however, its success translated to one of Hollywood’s highest-grossing films ever and won several Academy Awards; additionally, it has been translated into over 25 languages, turned into an inspiring musical production, inspiring numerous plays, television shows, and video games – and continues to do so today!

Gone With the Wind has faced controversies, as with many popular novels. Yet despite its flaws, it remains one of the world’s best-loved literary classics – a testament to Margaret Mitchell’s extraordinary writing talent and literary skill.

FAQs about the Gone With the Wind Book Covers

Q: How many different book covers Does “Gone with the Wind” have?
A: Since the inception of “Gone With the Wind,” the novel has had several covers with varied designs accompanying its many editions.

Q: What themes can be seen on the “Gone With the Wind” book covers?
A: A common thread among “Gone With the Wind” covers is imagery depicting events or characters related to American Civil War or South, such as Scarlett O’Hara or Rhett Butler, and iconic scenes and symbols associated with them.

Q: Do the book covers for Gone With the Wind differ across editions and countries?
A: No, Gone With the Wind book covers can vary across editions and countries due to publishers attempting to capture the interest of specific markets by creating unique cover designs. Doing so requires them to feature unique artwork or imagery depending on which edition or country of publication the copy falls in.

Q. Can I purchase Gone with the Wind book covers in various languages?
A: Absolutely; several book covers exist worldwide! International editions often feature cover designs tailored to local markets or cultural preferences. Therefore, you may come across various cover designs if you explore editions translated into multiple languages.

Q: Are there any rare or collectible book covers for Gone With the Wind?
A: Totally! Gone With the Wind contains numerous collectible book covers, which make them highly coveted among collectors, especially first editions in good condition. Limited-edition releases or special commemorative covers, such as anniversary editions signed by their author, are also highly prized as collector items.

Q: Where can I find images of different “Gone With the Wind” book covers?
A: In addition to our list above, images of different “Gone With the Wind” book covers are on online platforms like bookstores, auction websites, or collectors’ sites, as well as libraries or literary archives that feature these resources showcasing different book covers.


Gone With the Wind book covers showcase an impressive variety of designs and artistic interpretations that add an everlasting charm. Each cover expertly captures Margaret Mitchell’s celebrated novel by depicting Civil War scenes or featuring iconic characters. By studying these covers, authors, and illustrators can hone their craft, create captivating visuals and lure readers deeper into their literary creations.

Looking at the variety of cover designs for Gone With the Wind can provide a valuable glimpse into visual storytelling and book cover art’s influence. Exploring these covers offers creative professionals an enriching experience in exploring this aspect of their creative field!

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