You'll feel the nuke but your shadow wont fade away

Let me tell ya how its gunna be…..

Alien intervention or world war 3!

There’s a chicken hawk aged 83

As far as I can tell as far as I see

The death of the world or the death of he

It’s all one and the same to he

He’ll be dead and gone soon anyway

He hates his grandkids more than he can say

Lies riddled in to top government

They can’t do nothin’ about it can’t even repent

Lies riddled in to top military

When relied on they’ll trigger world war three

You’ll feel the nuke but your shadow won’t fade

Feel the nuke your shadow won’t fade away

Do nuclear bombs even kill ghosts?

No where for them to haunt they have no host

Psychotic meta apes have had their shot

In one stupid move they’ve blown the lot

In 60 million years lizardmen have a go

But without a mamal heart they won’t feel it so.


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