What Authors Want from a Publishing House, 2023 Edition

In this globally digital era of trends and technologies impacting the literary landscape, authors need a reliable publisher to help them achieve success and sustain it. A publishing team can get their story out there and build their brand.

Writers often want to reach as many readers as possible, not merely to enjoy robust sales, but to influence and inspire audiences worldwide. In 2023, authors want and need a publisher that will help them drive to this end as they shape their careers. From beginners to breakthrough and bestselling authors, let’s get into what an ideal publisher looks like for modern authors.

Good Track Record in the Publishing Industry

Authors entrust their work and careers to their publishing house. They naturally look for a verifiable and impressive track record of titles, authors, and business information.

Longevity in the industry, financial status, quality of their portfolio, bestselling books, and awards and recognition are marks of a publishing firm’s marketing savvy and ability to help authors succeed in a competitive industry.

Credibility of Owners and Management

An untarnished reputation is an important criterion for authors and their agents before they sign publishing deals. Due diligence and firsthand feedback from other authors will help, along with looking up relevant blogs, social media pages, websites, and community forums to learn about other authors’ experiences with the publishing company.

Extensive Business Network

A good publishing house must have a wide network of influential personalities and thought leaders in various communities, including literary, traditional and new media, academe, entertainment, public relations, creative, and business.

This is a good sign of their ability to connect authors with those who can help them strengthen their brand and stir interest around their work.

Tech and New Media Savvy

While print continues to be a thriving landscape in the literary industry, authors must also take up space on the digital front to market their work and build their brand.

Tech-savvy publishing firms know how to build anticipation, boost sales, and sustain interest in a book and author by leveraging new media.

A Dedicated Team

Authors want a publishing firm that maintains a synergy of business and creativity. They must provide the needed support for creative fulfillment and financial success. There should be a shared passion for creating great books and making it a profitable endeavor.

Passion, Purpose, Published

Literary greats have a relentless passion for their work, and their success is reinforced by working with the right publisher. It is the key to longevity and recognition in literary careers. It is also instrumental in creating a brand with limitless possibilities on digital platforms and access to a global audience.

With the right partner, authors can find that sweet spot where their passion and profitability create a personal legacy they can be proud of.

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