We’ve Got This: Unlocking the Beauty of Belonging

Many of us feel constant pressure to mask and curate who we are—to perform as someone we’re not rather than be who we are. And it hurts us. But we don’t need to live this way.

With We’ve Got This, award-winning and globally recognized DEI and empowerment expert Ritu Bhasin delivers a much-needed guidebook on how to heal, thrive, and stand in your power in the face of hate and hardships. She reveals how to unlock belonging—for yourself and for others.

Ritu knows firsthand that the path to belonging can be both beautiful and hard. As a child of working-class immigrants of color, she experienced relentless struggles with racist bullying and cultural confusion growing up. Even as a successful lawyer and business leader, Ritu grappled with knowing, embracing, and being her authentic self—until she realized the freedom that comes with claiming belonging, which she passionately shares in these pages.

Combining empathy, humor, and research with life-changing wisdom and savvy, We’ve Got This is the guide for finding belonging and joy that readers from across backgrounds have been waiting for.


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