Waking moments

Waking Moments

We linger and luxuriate in those first moments before rising,

a time to allow thoughts free rein and to meander.

Dawn seeps through those crevices betwixt curtain and wall,

silhouettes takeĀ on the clarity of shapes.

The veil of night is gradually banished before our sight,

a new day beckons our attention and activity.

Yet we remain a while longer holding fast to forgotten dreams,

as new hopes emerge from the secrets of slumber.

A neighbour’s car disturbs the peace of dawn,

a bird sings then flutters away to begin its day.

So too must I rise and shine and embrace the world,

reluctantly leaving those sheets and bankets of such warmth.

I abandon my cocoon and with a large spoon

fill the coffee pot to the brim, piping hot.


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