Unforgettable by David J. Cook

Unforgettable by David J. Cook

A celebration of resilience, family, and joy in the face of life’s greatest challenges, Unforgettable by David J. Cook is a fearless testament to loyalty and love.

Overcoming heartbreak and tragedy as children, Althea, Gabrielle, and Stephanie are adopted by a gifted couple who devote themselves to raising smart, healthy, and independent daughters. The young women’s lives aren’t always easy, as illness, scandal, and abuse painfully find them, but they perpetually rise above, relying on the strength of their family and community. With life experiences emphasizing numerous overlapping social crises that are raging today, this is a contemporary and nuanced snapshot of life in America.

The depth of thematic exploration is impressive and timely, from Althea’s ignorance and eventual education on LGBT issues to the sisters’ varied experiences in the realms of romance and racial profiling, which the author approaches with grace and honesty. Some of the concepts could be explored further, such as domestic violence and the youthful response to trauma, but each page is packed with significant moments and relevant messaging, allowing the plot to move quickly, and forcing readers to think critically through every dialogic exchange.

A reflective work of contemporary fiction framed with life-saving acts of love and wisdom, this novella is a heartwarming and insightful read.

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