TOUGH AS THEY COME- A Poem by David Ritter

I wrote this poem in memory of my friend Kenny Rosebush. Ken was a lifelong friend of mine and I miss him. To the Rosebush family know that I love you all and I hope to carry Ken’s fond memory with me for always. I hate cancer and pray that a cure is found soon.


As tough as they come from the neighborhood,
Ken fought to the end, as we all knew he would.
And though he grew weary, his spirit was strong,
which empowered his family to help him along.

They battled courageously with all their might,
side by side with friends who joined the fight.
And I’ll never forget how their generous ways,
helped us all get through the difficult days.

They all did their best to help ease his pain,
‘til God gave them rest when tears fell like rain.
And some might consider that cancer has won,
but love says the battle is far from done.

Cancer took his body, but I have good news,
Ken’s spirit is alive, and he did not lose.
And by spreading his kindness and memory too,
we can all face cancer and say fuck you!!!

David Ritter

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