The Tragedy of My Life | Anuradha Fonseka

Oh no…!! Not to accuse him I write this
My story this is, the tragedy of my life
I was in hell; I knew it when he showed
The better beauty of life
He took my hand and showed
How fast the human heart can beat for another
That magnetic and fiery thunder
Produced when two beings are together
The beauty of human feeling
The hidden desires of my heart
He then thought we had gone too far
Loosened my hand
I fell back into my personal hell
Once I thought it was the right heaven for me
A mere place with dull and motionless life
The worst thing was the realization of the truth
My physique lies here, yet my heart lies elsewhere
In a better place with warmth and extreme life
“I loosen your hand for good” he said
How good can this feeling be
The knowledge that my life is lifeless
This, the tragedy of my life


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