The Pragmatist’s Guide to Governance

Any group of people expected to work synergistically needs a system that structures their interactions. That system is “governance.” The Pragmatist’s Guide to Governance takes a first principles approach to exploring the ways governance structures affect the humans living under them (and vice versa), with a special focus on how human psychology interacts with the structures that facilitate our interaction with other people.

Originally written as a thought experiment in forming a family office that won’t ultimately fizzle out, incite inter-family conflict, or undermine descendants, this book explores governing structures ranging from states to religions, online forums, middle school cliques, and family units.

This book will be uniquely useful to anyone:

  • Scaling a company
  • Setting up a nonprofit
  • Establishing a family office
  • Trying to win a power struggle or overcome bullying
  • Instigating a revolution with the goal of building a new nation-state
  • Navigating an organization in which they’re forced to operate (e.g., a business or university)


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