The importance of discipline

Without discipline teenagers are like a ruderless ship,

Which will eventually go off course and even tip.

In a world where obedience is so rare,

To commend your teenager when complying is really fair.


Communication makes it easier to accept correction,

Making major issues over minor thing fuels rejection.

A serious trait needs to be weeded out,

An unintentional mistake ,just pointed out.


The word discipline can mean to guide or to teach,

Love is patient and kind,be there for your teenager to reach.

Magnify the good that your teenager has made in the past,

The bad mistakes made will pass by and  never last.


Don’t overreact if your teenager’s thinking is way off centre,

 Patiently listen assuring that the feelings are approved by you as the mentor.

Enquire,”What was the best and worst thing that happened to you today?”

“You are not alone.”The best and worst things that happened to you,to your  teenager relay.


A two way exchange of thoughts and feelings can thrive,

Avoiding face to face contact  as in the car you drive.

Be quick to listen and slow to speak,

A relaxed mind is easier to tweak.



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