The Dance of Life

I have always known that May Poles existed.

Obviously, I knew that they were a ‘thing,’

that hippies happily danced around them,

whilst twirling bits of coloured string,

but I never understood a May Pole’s majesty,

until the coronation of the king.


At first, the lines were jumbled about,

Criss-crossing, into a hopeless mess,

Until a signal came to ‘work it out,’

Though, how it was done, I can only guess.

The lines were all freed and due order, restored.


So, the May Pole Dance is a metaphor!

Life is a procession of events, gone wrong,

of finding new friends, but avoiding some,

of enjoying our time with a dance and a song,

getting all tangled up as problems come,

before unravelling and, joyfully, untangling,

dancing right back, to where we started from!



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