Take hold of life

In darkened shadows, where hope seems but a waste, 

Despair entwines the very core, leaving little space

to the possibility of taking any other direction,

Wrapped tendrils bind in an icy brace.


Your soul, your vessel lost amongst the souls

No guiding hand, no flicker to ignite a light 

that will illuminate any forward gain,  

Grasped by darkness, your life in blight


Hopelessness plays a sombre symphony. 

sings an unmelodious whispered dirge

With weary steps, you wander through the fume

Into despair, your curse, your scourge


In those darkest hours, when all seems lost, 

A confidant may enable despair to dissolve.

Though storms may rage and sorrows consume, 

A friend, your strength, offers you help to resolve


Remember that despair is not the end, 

A sliver of a dream can save sad souls entombed

Open up your heart, uplift your voice

Shared words may banish away your gloom


Hopelessness is cruel, despair, crueller still

You need a lifeline, a guide when all is stark,

A glimmer of light in your helplessness  

When all around your life seems dark


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