Suntec REIT AGM for FY22

On 20th April 2023, Suntec REIT held its AGM (Annual General Meeting) for FY22. I used to be a unit holder of Suntec REIT but I have divested Suntec REIT back some time ago. Is it worth adding Suntec REIT back to my stock portfolio? I will like to take a look at its FY2022 results.

Overview of Suntec REIT’s Portfolio

Before I start, let me take a look at the assets under Suntec REIT’s portfolio. As shown in the picture below, Suntec REIT has a total of 3 assets in Singapore, 2 assets in London United Kingdom and 5 assets in Australia. Suntec REIT Portfolio FY22 Suntec REIT Portfolio FY22

FY22 Financial Performance

In FY22, Suntec REIT delivered S$255.5 million of distributable income to unit holders which was a 3.4% year on year increase. A full year Distribution Per Unit (DPU) of 8.884 cents was paid in FY22, representing a 2.5% year on year…


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