SMFS Members Published in Malice Domestic: Mystery Most Traditional Anthology


Numerous SMFS list
members are published in the new anthology, Malice Domestic: Mystery Most
Traditional Anthology
. Published by Wildside Press, this is the seventeenth
anthology and is available from the publisher, Amazon,
and other vendors. The reported SMFS members in this anthology are:


M. H. Callway with
“Wisteria Cottage.”


Chris Chan with
“The Butlers’ Anti-Defamation Society.”


Susan Daly with
“Tamsin & the Church Ladies.”


Maurice Givens
with “Foul Ball.”


James L’Etoile
with “The Parlin Fork Letters.”


Jean Macaluso with
“Home & Garden Gothic.”


Michael Allan
Mallory with “The Time Thief.”


Rob McCartney with
“The Missing Case of Beer.”


Michele Bazan Reed
with “The Dead Donor.”


Lori Robbins with
“Killing It in the Catskills.”


Cynthia Sabelhaus
with “Mystery of the Midnight Fire.”


Gabriel Valjan
with “Trash Raccoon.”


Arthur Vidro with
“The Suspension of Mickey Hackerstein.”



The Malice
Domestic anthology series returns with 32 original tales in the Agatha Christie
tradition—this time featuring new takes on the traditional mystery. Incuded are
works by:

Zara Altair, Anne
Louise Bannon, Chris Chan, M.M. Chouinard, Jennifer Chow, Sherry Clitheroe,
Sharon Love Cook, Susan Daly, Tina deBellegarde, Karen Dent, Carolyn Eichhorn,
Eve Elliot, Maurice Givens, Kerry Hammond, Madeleine Harris-Callway, Lawrence
Kelter, James L’Etoile,Jean Macaluso, Michael Allan Mallory, Rob McCartney, Tom
Mead, Gregory Meece, Michele Bazan Reed, Lori Robbins, Verena Rose, Cynthia
Sabelhaus, Nancy Cole Silverman, Shawn Reilly Simmons, Susan Thibadeau, Gabriel
Valjan, Arthur Vidro, and Kari Wainwright



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