SMFS Members Published in Crime Under the Sun: A Sisters in Crime Anthology


Today is publication for the new anthology, Crime
Under the Sun: A Sisters in Crime Anthology
. Published by Down &
Out Books, the read includes short stories by our list members. The anthology
is available in digital and print formats from the publisher,
and other vendors. The SMFS list members that reported their presence in the
book are:


C. C. Guthrie with “Life on the Ranch, Southern
California Style.”


Kathy Krevat with “Ghosts of Characters Past.”


Axel Milens with “Fourteen Years.”


Publisher Description:

Southern California. Home to sandy beaches, waving
palm trees, balmy weather. Also home to the rich and famous, those barely
hanging on, and everyone else.

Add in murder, embezzlement, stalking, burglary, and
every crime under the sun.

In Crime Under the Sun, the second anthology offered
by Partners in Crime, the San Diego chapter of Sisters in Crime, fifteen
stories capture the hopes and dreams of characters trying to live the idyllic
SoCal life. Instead, they bump up against greed, treachery, corruption, and
death. These stories will thrill readers with unexpected twists and turns and
surprise endings.

In the words of Catriona McPherson in our foreword,
“…the best mystery anthologies should embrace the whole of our beloved genre
and Crime Under the Sun has nailed it.”

Welcome to the seamy underbelly of Southern

Edited by Matt Coyle, Naomi Hirahara and Tammy Kaehler
with stories by Sarah Bresniker, Lynne Bronstein, Shelley Burbank, Wrona Gall,
B.J. Graf, C.C. Guthrie, A.P. Jamison, Kathy Kingston, Kathy Krevat, Axel
Milens, John Edward Mullen, Kathy Norris, Michelle Rodenborn, Wendall Thomas,
and James Thorpe.


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