SMFS Member Publishing News: The Voices I Will Never Hear Again by Kaye George


SMFS list member Kaye George’s short story, The Voices
I Will Never Hear Again, is the featured cover story and published in Black Cat
Weekly #112. Published by Wildside Press, the issue is available here in digital format.


Website Description:

This issue features a pair of original tales: a
mystery from Kaye George (thanks to acquiring editor Michael Bracken) and a
fantasy from Adrian Cole (written especially for this Halloween issue).

 On the mystery
front, we have a pair of great modern tales by William Dylan Powell (thanks to
acquiring editor Barb Goffman) and James Holding, plus a classic novel by
British master A.E.W. Mason, who is best known for his tale of courage and
cowardice in wartime, The Four Feathers. Notably, Mason created Inspector
Hanaud, a French detective who was an early template for Agatha Christie’s
famous Hercule Poirot. We even have a special Halloween solve-it-yourself
puzzler from Hal Charles!

On the fantastic side of things, we have a
seasonally-appropriate SF tale by Norman Spinrad, plus Golden Age reprints from
Algis Budrys, Cordwainer Smith, and David Mason. Mason is one of my favorite
sword & sorcery authors for his novels Kavin’s World and The Return of
Kavin. Had Mason not died tragically young in a boating accident, I have no
doubt he would have become a major novelist in the field. After reading all of
his books one after the other, I suspect he was creating a vast common universe
for his fantasy and science fiction stories. Check them out if you get a chance.
They are in print from Wildside Press.


Here’s the complete lineup:


Mysteries / Suspense / Adventure:

“The Voices I Will Never Hear Again,” by Kaye George
[Michael Bracken Presents short story]

“Signs of Halloween,” by Hal Charles [Solve-It-Yourself

“The Darkness and the Light,” by William Dylan Powell
[Barb Goffman Presents short story]

“The Only One of Its Kind,” by James Holding [short

No Other Tiger, by A.E.W. Mason [novel]



Science Fiction & Fantasy:

“The Falling Leaves” by Adrian Cole [short story]

“The Fat Vampire”by Norman Spinrad [short story]

“The Burning World,” by Algis Budrys [novelet]

“Mark Elf,” by Cordwainer Smith [short story]

“The Long Question,” by David Mason [short story]


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