SMFS Member Publishing News: Shadows From the Past by Veronica L. Asay

SMFS list member Veronica L. Asay’s short story, Shadows
From the Past, appears in the new anthology published today, Dragon Gems:
Spring 2023
. Published by Water
Dragon Publishing
, the read is available in digital format at Amazon and other vendors.


Publisher Description:

Let your imagination bloom with these mind-opening tales

Featuring stories by Veronica L. Asay, Warren Benedetto,
Jason P. Burnham, Michael D. Burnside, Laura J. Campbell, Arasibo Campeche, Jay
Caselberg, Philip Brian Hall, Tom Howard, Tim Kane, Benjamin C. Kinney, Stephen
McQuiggan, Mike Morgan, Sam Muller, Jason Restrick, and Elyse Russell.


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