SMFS Member Publishing News: Hemingway's Ghost by Vinnie Hansen

SMFS list member Vinnie Hansen’s short story, Hemingway’s
Ghost, is published in the recently released anthology, Santa Cruz Ghost
. Published by Good Read Publishers, the book is available at Amazon.


Amazon Description:

In the 1970s Santa Cruz was
dubbed “The Murder Capital of the World” so it’s not surprising that Santa Cruz
has more than its fair share of alleged ghosts and ghost sightings. If you want
to read stories about famous Santa Cruz Ghosts, l suggest you look for books by
Maryanne Porter or Geoffrey Dunn.

But if you want to be entertained ꟷor in some
cases made to shiverꟷ by the creative minds of writers telling you their Santa
Cruz ghost stories, this is the book for you.

There’s even an AI generated ghost story so you
can see what future ghosts may look like.


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