SMFS Member Publishing News: A Strange Request at a Piano Bar by Wil A. Emerson

SMFS list member Wil A. Emerson’s short story, A
Strange Request at a Piano Bar, appears in the recently released Dark Yonder: Issue 4. Published
by Thalia Press, the read is available in digital and print format at 

Amazon Description:

Truth in the Shadows

Betrayal, compassion, dark humor, friendship, love gone
wrong, and the enduring devotion of family: Issue 4 of Dark Yonder highlights
the range of human emotion in ten original, unforgettable neo noir short

Good People by Simon Berry

Quiz Bowl by Scott Blackburn

A Strange Request at a Piano Bar by
Wil A. Emerson

Will I See the Birds When I Am Gone by
Stanton McCaffery

Sweet Chin Music by Joshua Murray

Twenty-One Turquoise Beads by
Estelle Phillips

No Voices in the Sky by Emilee Prado

Blunt Multiple Karma by
Andrew Riconda

Burglary Down East by Austin Treat

The Least Interesting Man in the World by
Mike Zimmerman

4 also features a special cocktail recipe for the Fall of 2023 — The Black
Widow — along with commentary by editors Eryk Pruitt and Katy Munger.


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