Seven sparkling swimming pools

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Here are three facts.

🌼 One: Spring is finally in the air. For real this time! Coach Kim reminded me yesterday that there are only 2 recorded Aprils in Toronto when it didn’t snow, but let’s ignore that fact for now.

🎨 Two: We are an incredibly varied team of humans. We all share the values and practices that make up Firefly, but the writers we are, the ways that words light us up, the reasons we write… These are all over the map. This makes for incredibly rich team meetings, and we’ve been longing for a way to share it with you.

😮‍💨 Three: Goodness gracious, life is exhausting. I’m feeling tapped out at least 75% of the time, and I’m longing to lower the bar.

We’ve put these three things together into a new idea — a large format writing program where we each run one session, in our most favourite and fun way. I adore this. After much dreaming and scheming, here’s what we’ve got.

Unlike our workshops, this is designed for a large group, so you don’t need a full jug of focus. You can turn your camera on and off. You can be in your PJs. (Please be in your PJs.) You can miss sessions. We get it.

This is also an invitation to lower the bar and try new things.

This workshop isn’t focused on creating some kind of ideal finished product — it’s about splashing in mud puddles, experimenting with new ideas and formats, and being curious about what this spring wants to bring us.

It’s also sliding scale; we welcome you to find the price that makes the most sense for your resources, and to shoot us a line if the base price is too high; we won’t turn anyone away.


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