Why do we need cleanliness is it necessary to clean ?

If rivers get contaminated by waste and garbage, scarcity of water.

Most of the rivers are not profitable to drink or allowed to dip our feet,

If there are apostle guiding you to take a bath in a very dirty water,

For Healing will you ? Not once but until you are fully heal, Faith!

Many would say No, not even a drop of water can enter our mouth,

Filter or dilute it with medicine Scientist and Doctors included.

Else you may get dysentry , typhoid and many kind of sickness.

Even when you fetched those water you will use trick to filter,

You can’t use or drink it without cleaning , similar as filtering.

I know we use to much of water but too much of water ,

Are also flowing in every corner without having someone to fetch.

Polish your shoes ,cut your nails,wash your plate etc etc…

Else pluck leaves and use it for eating and drinking,

No need to clean just use and throw but not anywhere.

For clothes follow Adam and Eve style use flowers and leaves,

Fashionable dress with limitless guest,change any minute,

No work ,neither hands to scrub and soap it for change, 

Still you need clean and fresh leaves and flowers to sew.

God or Jesus Christ did not teach us to make things dirty,

His creations are they still the same ? Many doubt,

They were not clean and God had to used medicines.

Maybe a river was muddy that is natural without mud,

Even human cannot put their feet to stand and walk.






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