Blue as forget-me-not blue

Blue as an Alaskan blueberry

Blue as an English May morn

April egg shell blue.

Endurance is a flower

A bulb in winter’s depth

A rare-repeated wonder:

A sin we must forget.

In this-world-of-my-creation

In this world-of-make-believe:

Cancer, the death of children,

Are fallen autumn leaves.

I see this road before me

A road I walk in vain

A road through Trawden Lancashire.

A road that’s not the same.

All roads lead to heaven

And all roads lead to you

And all these roads are empty

Of your eyes of deepest-blue.

I loved the rainy mornings of my life

And I never thought that friendly mountain passes

Would ferry me away, like this,

But now happy times are seldom

And the rain runs away with me.

From holiday beach to tempestuous sea

Thunder clouds gather like swarms of angry bees

I have lost my faith in the indomitable sea.

And I have lost my faith in humanity.

I sing only one song now.

O! The mechanical movement of the sun

Sunshine blooms and nectar spreads

On this last day of May in 2023

Like a tender, living tree

Shadows all that’s dappled, fair, free⁹

Like a changeling in the ocean

Like the mermaids in the sea, and unlike me.




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