Reblogged from Tracy Abell- Palestinian poetry, part 2

Published by Artist/Poet_JayMoraShihadeh

Jay Mora-Shihadeh was born in the greater metropolitan area of Philadelphia, Pa. He attended The University of the Arts, in Philadelphia, Pa. receiving a B.F.A. in painting and drawing, as well as a certificate in Art Therapy. Jay’s artwork has evolved from experimenting with representational to abstract expressionism. He employs bold color that is direct and expressive. Physical, sometimes brutal uses of line shape and gesture are the hallmarks of his work. The artwork he creates today leans toward the mysterious. The work is emotional and somewhat ethereal in its exploration of color and form. He strives to grasp the unknown, the subconscious. As both an artist and a poet, spontaneity and process is as important to him as the end result. Currently he resides in Sarasota, FL


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