Preciously Aware…

 Happy November!

Today’s is my mom’s birthday!

Our annual daughter and daughter-in-law’s tea-party

is planned for next week because today she is celebrating with her sisters!

A very precious awareness of Each Other growing dearer

with each passing year!

A reminder for each of us to be preciously aware of Each Other! 

Time’s wheel of hopes and dreams and cares and prayers spins round and round

The hill where morrow’s stairway gleams at daybreak runs aground

And if we are not careful, we could miss what is today

While gazing at a stair full of mist-vendors far away

For, what is on display, both groaned and grinned, soon disappears

Like autumn leaves, chased by the wind, to pathless yesteryears

The physique of a wish is always just beyond our reach

And often we fail to critique the longings we beseech

Fixating on one point because it seems, to raptured sighs

To be want-worthy, while its flaws are lost in starry eyes

Until wisdom esteems that sage advice from days of yore

Not all is as it seems, then be careful what you wish for’

As time goes by, I want for less, yet covet more, a heart

Of humbler thankfulness for what God’s kind mercies impart

I want to be determined, in love’s hold and letting go

To keep one ear tuned to a wind that always steals the show

Then not to mourn the past or fret at what ‘yet’ holds at bay

But to be preciously aware of what Time grants today

© Janet Martin

James 4:15

Instead you ought to say, “If the Lord wills, we shall live and do this or that.”


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