Poet & Writer

Poet & Writer


I am a poet and a writer of no real fame

nowhere in the literary world will you find my name.

I write to empty my soul to those about

as is is not within me to rave and shout.


My needs are few and easily obtained

as my skills are few and largely untrained.

A pen, ink, paper and a quiet place

with no searching for any particular space.


The words soon arrive as the Spirit moves

with my pen in hand my writing improves.

Strokes from thoughts pour onto the page

over the years I have become quite an old sage.


I write in a cathartic style and verse

to shed my thoughts for better or worse.

An inner command determines me to write

as my hidden world comes clearly into sight.


Writing is my passion and reason for living

as through this pen I can offer my giving.

I do not write simply to be read

but to expand the thoughts which lie deep in my head.


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