Orbs of Light

I noticed her eyes

one morning

when we were chatting

in the parking lot,

they were beautiful blue orbs

magnified by the lens

of her thick glasses.

She shared thoughts that became words that became vibrant energetic dancing particles in the sunlit early morning air.

We became close friends,

she taught me so many things.

Her body could not keep up with her brilliant, loving mind

and succumbed to illness–

she told me how she blessed the pills she took trying to stay healthy and alive–

such a valuable life lesson she gave me,

bless everything,

every little thing that comes your way,

a pill to swallow,

a cranky exchange with family,

a body falling apart,

blessings everywhere,

nothing but blessings.

She drifted away,

my dear friend,

skin thin on fading bones,

but her eyes still shone

with so much life–

life, her life, my life,

orbs of light,

thank you, friend.


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