Mother Darkness | Sarah Emily

Even darkness is a thing
yet indefinite and empty
devoid of all light
still surely an entity.
Made up of nothing
no planets or stars
no thoughts or emotions
black, blank, vast and dark.
If It was a place filled with nonbeing
how far did it’s nothingness stretch
and if dark was not yet a concept
which thing first thought of that?
And asked us to believe it
this incomprehensible musing
that existed for always or never
and to it we became trusting?
Was it a dinosaur’s meditation
or a Neanderthal grunt
an Egyptian hieroglyph
or a babies first hum?
Or did we just get really perceptive
over the last however many years
with scholars and prophets
philosophers and seers?
Christians and Hindus
Buddhists and Atheists
Mormons and Witnesses
Jews and Satanists!
These weren’t even words
or concepts or thoughts
when the great darkness was everything
and light entered the naught.
Could it actually be out there
it whom the nothingness brought
and eventually set free
bringing forth that which is now taught.
The vast nothing was first
dark existed before light
so is darkness our Mother
birthing all that is bright?
Has the light told us lies
making darkness the enemy
for it came second, was the child
do the ghost stories of fear stem from its jealousy.
Could darkness be so humble
content to remain quite
like the black of night and the ocean floor
it’s lack of color mistaken for ugliness.
What is the answer
the truth of the story
did darkness give birth to light
then allow it all the glory?
And doesn’t that seem human
what a true Mother would do
give Her child the spotlight
allowing it to fruition come to?
Did the light smite the dark
say to its Mother, be gone
I am younger and prettier
these humans feel invincible during my song.
You were dark, they couldn’t see
so they couldn’t wreak havoc
I turn on my brightness
and they can see all they have not.
In my light there is noise
in your dark quiet tranquility
the farce close to complete
only in death will they see your humility.
Who knows? Really I ask you
who knows the whole truth
is darkness our Mother
and light her child, just youth?
Dear darkness and nothing
dear black, vast and quiet
in your lack of color come death
Mother, lull us to sleep in the silence.

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