Lines are our rulers

We stand in line

A ration line, 

Recruitment line,

A defensive line,

A trench line

A line of attack 

Lines full of strangers.

Silently waiting 

For their turn.

School boy lines

I must not cross  the line

I must not cross the line

I must not cross the line 

A line of prisoners 

A line of graves

A line of children

Buying ice creams

A line of starving waiting for beans 

White lines

County lines

Coke lines

Railway lines

Lines for tickets

For sport like cricket

A picket line for those that picket

A line to join to do the shopping

A line for paratroopers to commence their dropping

A line for paying your respects

In a book of condolence , expressing regret

A line that’s drawn as a final end

Not to be crossed

A line not to be broken 

A final  line ,  not a line in the sand 

That’s swept away by the incoming tide

A finishing line

Always in front never behind










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