“Listen, son you either fight or run,

life on this land ain’t no fun.

Bury the pain and try again”, words from

an old black man singing through the rain. 


Sweat from the stubbornness and marks from

the wicked, I work from sun up to sun down.

Life on this land my son ain’t no fun. 


A mulatto from birth, scars from hurt.

Disowned by my father and left to live with a

half-dead mother. Raped by the cape, all my life

the master demands.


Fool for a Wife with trust up her nose 

“nigga you lie!!”, with a douth full smile.”Open your eyes,”

the black man says ” Life on this land ain’t no fun”.


Cruel tears and shattered dreams, I either fight 

or I run, through the rain and the storms. My 

baby must born because life on this land 

ain’t no fun. 


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