Legacy of Faithfulness

No matter who we are or whatever our call,

both practically and spiritually,

it takes a lifetime to leave behind

a legacy of faithfulness.

Is faithfulness scarred by many a blow/wound?

Yes. But faithfulness is both gauntlet and goal!

Its achievement possible only through persistent perseverance.

Persistent perseverance only truly possible through many-a-prayer

and the sacred awareness of the giver of our abilities and its charge!

If we are faithless, He remains faithful; 

He cannot deny Himself.

(click link to the whole glorious chapter on guidelines for faithfulness)

Whether carpenter, housewife, spouse, 

preacher, poet, parent, 

teacher, butcher, baker,

truckdriver, candlestick maker, you-name-it…

faithfulness is never an overnight success!

My carpenter good naturedly allowed me to take his picture 

and said he doesn’t mind if I use it on today’s post…

He has just started his own business and is hoping, 

task by task to leave behind

a legacy of faithful care to his calling.

Below is his business card if you live in the area

and are looking for someone to do a home-project!


(With so many carpenters in my family & friend circle its hard to choose who to ask!!)

but while Shawn (family friend) was trying to decide whether to take this leap of faith

and go on his own we promised him if he does, 

we will give him this bathroom to do😊

A legacy of faithfulness is not hastily wrought

It cannot be accomplished by the high of noble thought

The reeling rush of feeling as it meets matters of fact

Cannot be counted on to keep meek faithfulness intact

A legacy of faithfulness does not attract applause

As it weathers the thick and thin of Is becoming Was

No one grand leap of faith is faithfulness, over and done

But step by step and day by day its legacy is won

A legacy of faithfulness perseveres, come what may

In its steadfast commitment to love, honor and obey

Through ebb and flow of high and low, faithfulness grins and groans

While learning the footwork/knee-work of stumbling blocks and stepping stones

A legacy of faithfulness, forged from prayers, smiles and tears

Awakes awareness of how moments are the sum of years

And years become far more than numbers on a birthday cake

Years are the culmination of what meted moments make

A legacy of faithfulness takes a lifetime to fill

Where today, always center stage gathers its scenes until

Life’s summary of seasons has collected in its sway

The very best of reasons to live/give our best each day

No matter who, or what we do, or where, we share this lot;

The onus of a legacy of faithfulness, or not

Where it is futile to despair; but rather bear in mind

The beauty/duty of this moment and how we leave it behind

A legacy of faithfulness is not impossible

He who is faithful helps us, like a daily miracle

By His sufficient grace we go, entrusting to His keep

Life’s legacy of faithfulness; till faith’s last flying leap 

© Janet Martin

do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, 

giving thanks to God the Father through Him.


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