I forgot how to love you

Regrets linger heavily, 

There are long shadows cast,

Love’s flame extinguished, 

There’s no chance we’ll last.


In fervent haste,

I bade us a final adieu.

Hopelessly, passionlessly 

I forgot to love you


There was an absence of heart, 

a chasm so wide,

We stood naked and adrift, 

In love’s ebbing tide.


Our love slipped away, 

Like the timers falling sand,

I failed to fully appreciate, 

Or even barely understand.


There were moments when love

Marooned and unattended,

Two hearts turned cold 

Love’s spark finally ended,


A painful situation, 

Unrequited love left behind,

I feel utterly empty, 

Memories slowly unwind.


There’s a deathly pallor’d silence.

Lessons untouched, unlearned

Warming ardent desire

Tending hearts that yearned


I will never forget,

Melancholic love, sad blue

Our world disintegrated,

Because; I forgot to love you


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