Hair on Fire by Larada Horner-Miller

Hair on Fire by Larada Horner-Miller A charming collection of poems, stories, and memories about Christmastime, Hair on Fire: A Heartwarming & Humorous Christmas Memoir by Larada Horner-Miller is a spirited and inspiring take on the holiday season.

Starting from Joseph and Mary, Horner-Miller has put together a lovely compendium of personal, religious, and cultural anecdotes around Christmas that serve as a gentle way to transition to that wonderfully busy time of year, nudging our own memories forward, and refreshing our knowledge about this festive occasion. Both personal and informative about the holiday season, the book asks questions like when do people put up their Christmas tree, or how do they celebrate Christmas in Spain, while also offering her amusing personal perspective on the holiday.

With light and easygoing prose, the author recalls her past Christmases, such as that one time she traveled across Europe, or when she Christmas-carolled in minus six-degree weather. Written from a religious perspective, the book keeps an airy tone when considering the more spiritual aspects of Christmas, without ever preaching, but simply basks in the pleasures of communion with one’s family and community.

Throughout, Horner-Miller’s enthusiasm is contagious, reminding readers of both the sacred basis of the holiday season, and the joy it can bring to families, which will delight anyone who celebrates the holiday.

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