Haiku in Bloom Part 3 to 8




From a nearby field.

A stranger waves at you both

welcoming the spring.




Tracing your footpaths

you walk on the riverbank

bathing in the sun. 



Mist at edge of woods;

horses running in the fields

embracing the spring.



Below the footpath

sunrise starts winking at you

yes, winter has gone.



Returning sunshine

you walk to the woods at 7

not rushing to work.



Heading into March

you rush towards the forest.

Leaves still frost bitten.






3rd to 8th piece for #NaPoWriMo (Natonal Poetry Writing Month). 

This year – a series of haikus of the English Countryside which I will call ‘Haiku in Bloom (2023). 

The complete archive for 2023 is here – 


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