Grumpy Old-ish Men

Prompt – why do middle-aged men bitch so much?

Grumpy Old-ish Men

There are many reasons for it

So I’ll mention just a few

Why do we fellas moan so much

Why do we bitch and stew?

Time is the biggest problem;

We’ve got too much somehow 

We don’t have to hunt to live 

Or mine coal or work the plough

And yet, by contradiction

Time brings a sense of dread

For we’ve likely more behind us now

Than we have got ahead

Some have real life honest issues

Some way too often over-think

Or procrastinate, over caffeinate

Or give way to drugs or drink

Some strive for sheer perfection

In a not-so-helpful way

Put too much onto shoulders 

Piling on to more dismay

Some see others doing better

And insist that life ain’t fair

Ignore stoics telling them 

“You’re right, but don’t despair”

Others see the world around them

And all chaos that abounds

Misjudge the causes and effects

Wallow with uncivil hounds

Perhaps another biggie

Is that we don’t know that we’re blessed 

If we look around or back in time

We should be grateful and less stressed

Some don’t live in the real world

Immerse themselves in gloom

Let others wind them up with lies

Sink in silos of sore doom

And in the heat of swearing

We forget to count and breathe

We fail to hunt for a diversion

and instead just sit and seethe

But I guess when all is said and done 

We all have to scratch an itch

And there is some joy in being 

a griping, grouchy, crabby bitch!

So to all the others out there

There’s no need to use a gun

Just channel it the right way

Let off steam and have some fun

Let out those bitchy comments 

Offline and with a mate

We’ve hair today that’s gone tomorrow

But it’s really not too late 



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