Global Warming: The Great Deception

Global Warming:The Great Deception-The Triumph of Dollars and Politics Over Science and Why You Should Care”is the definitive new work on the subject of anthropogenic (man-made) global warming. Guy Mitchell, a businessman with the mind of a scientist, takes a holistic approach and combines scientific analysis with an in-depth review of the political and economic aspects of the subject. He uses proven science and scientific facts to refute every claim of the climate alarmists and proponents of the man-made global warming hypothesis. He exposes the true reasons that the UN, certain politicians and global investment firms promote the global warming fraud. His analysis is an unbiased, scientifically based, insightful, no holds-barred approach to the subject.

There has been no significant warming of the world’s oceans, atmosphere or land mass since accurate satellite measurements were initiated in 1979. The average temperature of the Earth is an abstraction; it is a figment of the imagination of climate scientists, conjured up in an effort to support a fraudulent hypothesis. The concept has no validity in scientific analyses of the Earth’s climate. Increased concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere does not cause global warming or climate change; the geometry of the Earth’s orbit about the Sun and the Sun-spot cycle are the primary fundamental natural causes. Man has had no measured impact on the Earth’s climate. The melting of polar ice is the result of a natural oceanic cycle and is not affected by man’s activities. Empirical evidence of global warming is the result of local atmospheric conditions that have nothing to do with so-called climate change.

Mitchell employs his keen sense of business acumen to expose the real drivers behind the claims of man-made global warming: research funding, politics and global economics. Over $1 trillion world-wide has been spent on global warming research with nothing of substance to show for it. UN climate models are fundamentally flawed; they can not predict historical results or the future. Certain politicians in the US and Western Europe embrace the fraudulent hypothesis with no apparent understanding of the science or the socioeconomic impact that the abandonment of fossil fuels would have on the world economy or the reliability of the power grids that drive it. The man-made global warming hypothesis has been declared an existential threat and some US politicians want to use the “crisis” to erode fundamental civil liberties that are protected in the US Constitution. They want to use global warming to limit consumer choice, economic freedom and usher in socialism.

During the term of the failed Kyoto Protocol, world-wide CO2 emissions increased by 32%! The results of the Paris Climate Accord will be no different.The stated objective of UN climate treaties is to address socioeconomic inequalities world-wide within the context of climate change by transferring wealth from the developed nations to the developing nations. The vehicles involved include the trading of carbon credits. The world-wide market for trading carbon credits was over $200 billion in 2020; it is projected to exceed a trillion dollars in the near future. The practical effect of trading carbon credits is not to reduce the emission of CO2; it is to enrich those individuals and global investment firms who engage in the activity.

Why do the U.N. and certain politicians in the U.S. and Western Europe continue to promote the fraudulent global warming hypothesis? With regards to the U.N., it is all about the money – money for research and to affect socio-economic change. For many politicians, it is all about the power – the power to control the lives of the electorate. Power is the ultimate narcotic. And money follows power in politics. In his new book, Guy Mitchell addresses all of these issues in detail and explains why you should care about the triumph of dollars and politics over science.


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