FINISHED ink pad began in July last year! Here's final thing today.


Six Month Evaluation 


Do you you think you have scared them off

It certainly scared those ones in charge

Of hiring for proprietors a privilege 

In just being asked

What chance the grubby homeward constantly 

Interview selected

How can it prove the visible room

Circles in repetition cycle

Already thinking Movie channel 


Did you get the part of knocked onto arse

By standing up because more importance 

Questions or statements kept in balancing 

More than act what more could ever been

Here do you think they understand all

Even though written in languages 

Not personally invented but enough adjustment 

Signal improve and not even turned dial 

If there is an influence 


Always thought it was rejecting this

In their search for authenticness 

When always shouted at the crowds 

So in the future always fun

If they haven’t all been scared crying

Always fall back of just thinking of self

Trying a filling up of a blank page

Just for the purpose of writing on

To last empty gap between lines 


And what have we got 

For a final word?


That hasn’t been jotted

In those days 

And nights

Of my own 


Stops at the last page. 


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