Every Day A Celebration

I wrote this for a Guy Fawkes Night poetry event back in 2013 (yes, such a thing actually happened!)I wrote this for a Guy Fawkes Night poetry event back in 2013 (yes, such a thing actually happened!)

Remember, Remember…the what of November?

Was sure there was something…try to remember

Dates in a diary, reminders of significance

Sure there was something…just think perchance

Perchance to think…or was it sleep?

Or is perchancing to think altogether too deep?

Ahhh, good old computer the answers I seek

To google or not? I’ll just have a peek

November is Vegan Month…hurray!

I’m writing this on Author’s Day…way hay!

Does it get any better than this I hear you all say

It does! Wow! 6th November is Saxophone Day!

Yet I still think I’m missing something what can it be?

Google some more and I’m sure I’ll see…

Could it be the fact that on the 7th November men are supposed to cook?

Men Cook Dinner Day…hmmm…that’s one I shall accidently overlook

11th November forever special…not many days in celebration of origami!

Except even better 12th is Pizza Day, with the works except the anchovy

Just in time for 15th…Clean Your Refrigerator Day, it’s official

I suppose after all that pizza it’s probably beneficial

Who decides these days has clearly thought it through

To name all these days was definitely overdue

20th November is Name Your PC Day and those are the facts

I named mine Meryl…after that great woman who acts

Shopping Reminder Day is 26th November…do we need reminding to spend?

Less than one Month to go to the fateful day…will it ever end?

Dates to remember and some to forget

Fond memories are made, some to regret

How wonderful the 29th a day to remember to floss

Why nobody thought of that before I’m at a loss

I see from google that December is incredible

Why do people always eat sprouts, they’re inedible?

But no, it’s not about that, presents or religion

You’ll have to think laterally just a wee bit of a smidgeon

December I cannot keep to myself, I have to tell you why

December is International Month to go Wear a Tie!


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