Does It Not (Bid Thought to Marvel)


Grace and peace to you from God our Father 

and the Lord Jesus Christ,

 4 who gave himself for our sins 

to rescue us from the present evil age, 

according to the will of our God and Father, 

5 to whom be glory for ever and ever. 



Does it not bid thought to marvel

He who knew no sin became

Sin’s sacrifice for all people

To redeem us through His Name

Does it not stir adoration 

For He whose blood was out-poured

Once for all, the soul’s salvation

Wrought, through Jesus Christ the Lord

Does it not stun contemplation

That the Son of God should be

Humbled to death’s meanest station

On a cross for all to see

Crushed beneath the weight He carries

Sinless, bearing all our sins

For we, beneficiaries

Of His holy sufferings 

Does it not undo vainglory

To view hate’s presumptuousness

While love, clothed in bloodshed, gory

Wove faith’s robes of righteousness

Does it not renew surrender

Does it not steal our breath

To behold the soul’s Defender 

Obedient unto death

Look, where love’s manifestation

Suffered voluntarily  

Does it not stir adoration

From the likes of you and me

Jesus Christ gave Himself for us

Bearing Pardon’s Albatross 

So that we we may be victorious

Through the power of the cross

Does it not bid thought to marvel

At the hope the cross affords

Through sin’s sacrifice so royal-

King of Kings and Lord of lords

   © Janet Martin


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