Diminishing Scales

Two figures are cresting the distant hill,

Edging, ant-like, to the top of the pike,

Leading a long line of intrepid ants,

 On a futile climb to a pointless summit!

Yearning, striving, that’s what ants are like!


Without doubt they will glance down to the right,

Viewing my own house with a wan, wry smile.


Such small, ant-people seem to live down there,

Tiny, tedious, scarcely worth our care.

They don’t even climb!

And they’ve not gone the extra mile!


Distance lends perspective,

But takes away our empathy.

Ants are not real people, like you or me!

It is this a test of kindness,

Which our humanity often fails.


Troubles, assessed from far away,

Are weighed upon diminishing scales.






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