Nature likes to crown the tallest and the best

And in return they give back so much more than they receive 


Indeed without them

We simply couldn’t breath

There would be no place 

For birds to rest

Or fruits for the bees


Nature’s crown is beautiful

In a variety of colours

From spring greens to autumn reds

She keeps the trees well dressed


Human crowns are different

I consider them quite perverse

Adorned with gems so greedily

Scoured from the earth

A symbol of colonialism

Laid on the heads of pillagers 

Who steal from the public purse 


I would like a crown

Woven from nature’s gifts

Perhaps a daisy chain

Or Love in a mist

Yes, that would suit me fine


I would not like a crown

Too heavy for my head

I don’t think that I could ever 

Rest well in my bed!



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