Common Thoughts

Sometimes it feels like

The universe is very attuned to me

When all the others in the world

Have the same voice that I do

I watch my words get written

And sent out into the world

And I know that it’s felt

So I need not speakĀ 

But then sometimes

I find myself being silenced

As I recognize negative words

That I might have said

Without consideringĀ 

The feelings of another.

I do make mistakes.

But I forgive myself

Else, how would I heal?

How can the world

Ever get to a better place

If we don’t learn to forgive?

Though we do need to manage

The emotions

Which we so impulsively act upon

And be compassionate

And considerate

Of the other soulsĀ 

That share this space.

We are one, we are all here together.

We must find common ground

And find balance


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