Circling over Delaware | G. S. Katz

The pilot comes on
Announcing we are going to circle for 20 minutes
Somewhere over Delaware
And then the monitors on the back of the seats
Lose their signal

It’s 4 days before the anniversary of 9/11
And I’m saying are you kidding me?

All I can think about is
I’ve already eaten my free bag of Terra Chips
And I should have asked for an extra serving of Pop Corners

So, there we are are, up in the heavens
Circling over Wilmington in a holding pattern
And I’m starting to think the worst

Why did they black out the monitors?
What if something happened on the ground at my airport?
Why wasn’t I greedy and asked for multiple snacks?
And why is the woman next to me, taking out all these plastic tubes?

It turns out she was pumping breast milk in the aisle seat
Discreetly as the day is long
Using our circling time for a better cause than worry
And probably not thinking about anything
other than feeding her new baby

Youth scores again
We old goats are hanging on
What we have is diminishing
But we sure as hell want to keep the dance party rolling

The pilot came on in 15 minutes
and said all was clear
He gunned it to LaGuardia
A few minutes over schedule
All quiet over the western front


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