Celestial Reveille

Some mornings I feel drawn from my bed as if by a celestial reveille

Today flickers upon a wick where dawn flings shutters wide

Live/love well before its candlestick is snuffed by eventide

Today is another shivery offering!

I think everyone is winter-coat weary!

Even the daffodils look a little forlorn,

slumped against the morning chill

The maple-blossoms seem to cringe as the bud breaks and 

nudges them from its nest…

But, before today is brushed from Time’s slate

we have an opportunity to make the best and most of it!

Thank-you, Lord!

Ah, who knows what today will bring

Before it folds its gilded wing

Over a world surrendering

To the tug of dusk’s evening star

Where now dawn’s coffers overflow

With fresh offers of joy and woe

And God’s kind grace, whereby we go

No matter where or who we are

Beneath the diligence of clocks

Time’s tutelage of ticks and tocks

Startles its students with hard knocks

Offset by spring’s welcome delights  

While the grave gapes, we brave the day

Rife with life’s constant come-what-may

Where rivers run and children play

And buds burst with gold, pinks and whites 

Ah, who knows, as dawn’s tent is pitched

What will be tested, torn or stitched

Will hearts be broken or bewitched

Before dusk tucks to history

The echo of a pirouette

We have not touched or tasted yet

But soon will be forever set

In Bygone’s soldered gallery

Then dream and dance and work and play

And make the most of moment-fray

And don’t you dare forget to pray

And laugh and learn and love and sing

In spite of brutal fist-a-cuffs

Come, brave this newborn day because

Dusk is the douter that soon snuffs

Lifetimes beneath its gilded wing

Don’t miss the music as it spills

From vaults unveiling vales and hills

A pilgrimage through daffodils

And mercy’s myriad

Where we do not embark alone

Into the darkness of  Unknown

But by God’s kindness we are shown

The way to rejoice and be glad

© Janet Martin

somehow painting and poetry don’t mix the best…

This morning was a see-saw of  poem, patching holes, sanding,

pegging a bit more poem, priming patches,

and morning poem has turned to noon poem!


Open the gates,

That the righteous nation 

which [a]keeps the truth may enter in.

3 You will keep him in perfect peace,

Whose mind is stayed on You,

Because he trusts in You.

4 Trust in the Lord forever,

For in Yah, the Lord, is [b]everlasting strength.


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