Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather


They come in all shapes and sizes,

from different parts of the globe.

Yet they possess distinct attributes,

qualities which make them stand out.

Let’ peer into the looking glass,

and what do we see?

The Great Il Duce Mussolini,

who was an army deserter.

A pompous brat if ever there was one.

Then the failed artist,

the lance corporal in the Reichswehr,

A beloved Fuhrer of the Reich.

Stalin of Mother Russia,

a naughty boy and violent too,

 who trained to be a priest

but turned out to be an atheist.

Confused at least!

Now we turn our gaze

on mediocrity, a nobody,

A KGB agent skulking around East Germany,

in those enlightened Soviet Times.

Now the Saviour of the Russian Empire.

Birds of a feather do flock together,

their contribution to humanity is immense.

Millions slaughtered .

Is it not high time

that Putin put his money where his mouth is?

And joined his men on the front line.

Instead of getting others to sit in the mud and slime.


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